Sunday, January 24, 2010

First Week in the Books

I spent the last week at Navy Mobilization Processing Site Norfolk, VA completing pre-deployment processing. I rented a car and drove from Carrolltown after spending some time with my family. It was my first time at Norfolk and it was nice to be back on a Navy base where things are little more relaxed. I've been station on two Marine Corps bases and they are wound a little too tight for my liking. I had a room to myself, which was nice, and all the comforts of home (cable tv, phone, carry-out, even maid service), but that is NOT how it is here at Fort Jackson - more on that later.
Pre-deployment processing is a lot of paper work - making sure you have a will, Powers of Attorney, etc...- as well as reviewing your medical history to make sure you are fit to deploy. Also a lot of waiting and "down time". Everything went well, i only need some fasting blood work and a couple of immunizations. Oh yeah, the blood work. Turns out my triglycerides were high. I attributed it to all the booze and fatty foods I had on leave. It was nice to get to talk to Judi every day. I can't tell you how much I miss her and Cowher!

Now onto Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center (ECRC) Fort Jackson for three weeks of combat training. We boarded a Greyhound bus early Saturday morning for an 8 hour ride to Fort Jackson, South Carolina. It's just outside Columbia. We arrived last night and the hospitality and lodging is a bit different from Norfolk. I am sleeping in an open-bay barracks on the bottom bunk and after only one night the snoring and farting were nearly unbearable. I think I slept three hours. I would have slept a litter better had I not been getting pix messages from the Carrolltown Legion and Businessman's Club.

I'm not sure how much time I will have to post to this blog, but I will try to update weekly. I don't think we go to the shooting range until next week. We'll see if Jordan's training helped.

I miss you all!



  1. Love your first blog honey! Thanks for correctly spelling out all the words and nt typ lke ths. Missing you and your shiny vanilla head! judi

  2. Thanks John for the wonderful blog. Can't wait to read more from you. Take care and good luck. - the brannocks

  3. Stay safe dude!!! Me, Kurt, and Opal will be following ya on your blog.

  4. Judi, it was very difficult but I typed it that way for you.

    thanks suz and jenean!