Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Jinx

I should have known better than to actually write down last night that I hoped I could spend today watching Reno 911! and not caring for casualties. Medical professionals are a superstitious bunch and I broke the cardinal rule. I was awakened at 0530 this morning to a radio call for everyone to report to the FST. Another IED blast with more Afghan men missing extremities. We finished up at about 1200 after transferring 2 patients to the Role 3 in Kandahar. Below is a pic of me at the end of this event. FYI, we finally got wireless internet so now I can use my laptop in my room and am not limited to 30 minutes at the MWR.

Once again, Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife, Judi!

Take care,



  1. I like reading your blog as my husband is there, working with you :-)
    It's nice to get a different perspective of the work that he is doing out there!

  2. Hola Senorita. Your husband is doing great things here. You should be very proud of him, even though he has an unhealthy love for the game of soccer.