Monday, February 15, 2010

Greetings from Kuwait

We were stranded in the Columbia, SC airport for 10 hours waiting for our flight crew to rest and for the 767 plane to get de-iced. Apparently the Columbia airport typically only services planes of 50 passengers or less, so this 300+ passenger plane was a little overwhelming for their de-icer. The coolest part of the wait was the military dogs that flew with us. 4 German Shepherds – 2 that loved people and 2 that did not (they had to be muzzled – it always makes me sad to see that). I spent most of my time during the wait playing with the two friendly dogs. They left me with two thoughts 1.) Boy do I miss Cowher and 2.) Cowher is really, really spoiled. We touched down in Leipzig, Germany at 1830 local time (1230 EST), so we lost all of Saturday in the air. One interesting note about the trip is that after arriving in Germany I mentioned that it was the first time in my life I have been outside of the US. No one could believe it, but it’s true. We were confined to a small area in one of the terminals, so my sightseeing consisted of 2 small gift shops and NO bar. Here’s an important travel trip should you ever have a layover in Germany. The female cleaning attendants don’t knock on the bathroom door and continue to clean even if you are standing at a urinal actively urinating. They mop right under your feet…weird.

The biggest thing I realized is that I really hate travelling without Judi; she just makes everything so much more fun.

We arrived in Kuwait City at 0330 Kuwaiti time and waited until 0700 for our police escort to the base – Camp Virginia. We got there at 0800 and ate breakfast. The dining facility (DFAC) is much bigger and much nicer than the one at Fort Jackson. You have to wonder how you can get better fresh fruit and veggies in Kuwait than you can in South Carolina. Kuwait is not much different than 29 Palms, CA where Judi, Cowher and I lived for three years…lots of sand and dirt, no trees or grass, hot as fu$@, and plenty of spiders, scorpions and snakes. After chow we had an in-brief with the Commanding Officer and then the rest of the day to ourselves so I went to the gym and, OH MY GOD, it was the nicest gym I have ever been in since I joined the Navy. All of the equipment was brand new and they had both free weights AND machines and at least 20 flat screen TVs. I was there for over two hours. Too bad I couldn’t stay here for the entire deployment. Speaking of which, we have three more days in Kuwait and then fly to Afghanistan on Friday evening, although like anything else in the military that could change at a moment’s notice. Monday morning was more briefs and information on financial issues and preparation for our trip to Afghanistan.

Here is link for Camp Virginia if anyone is interested:

I did get to talk to Judi two nights in a row, so that was nice. I miss her more every day. One of the surgeons in our group mentioned at chow today that once we get to Afghanistan the deployment will be 12% over. Now that is optimism!

Thanks to the Shero sister’s and Eb for taking such good care of Judi, she mentioned it to me in an e-mail.

If I don't get back online until next week I want to wish Judi a Happy Anniversary!! It was 13 years ago on February 21st that I came home from work at Naval Hospital Pensacola and said, "Why don't we get married tomorrow?" So we went to the JP and eloped, then went to New Orleans for a weekend Honeymoon - one of the best decisions we made together. The picture I posted is from the Pensacola Court House on the day we were married. Wow, do we look young.

Well, I will leave you on that great memory. Time for bed. I want to get up early and get to that gym!!

Take care,

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  1. I love you honey, but you are mistaken.... I was the one that said "why don't we get married tomorrow?" and you were the one that looked scared as shit! But don't worry, I never hold that moment against you. Now your so called "blocked memory" of your bachelor party will come up in many a future arguement! Happy Anniversary Husband! - judi